Help for Beer Game

Here is the list of options and what it means
Possible supply chain partners : Factory, Distributor, Wholesaler and Retailer.
Default players : Brewery (Raw material Source) and Customers

Additional Features of the Game

Details of the features will be available in the instructor screen

1) Information Sharing : 5 levels

  1. Only Customer demand of all players

  2. Only Order Data of all players

  3. Only Inventory Data of all players

  4. Data of all players

  5. No information sharing

2) Create Custom Demand Pattern

3) Update all Initial settings

  1. Lead Time

  2. Number of Players

  3. Inventory/Backorder cost

  4. Initial Inventory

  5. Initial Order and Shipment data

  6. Week to Stop

4) After the game is over, all players will be able to view the results of all the teams in the class.

5) Fast and more stable than earlier versions and works in all platforms


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